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DIY Kawaii Ghost Pinata!

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Introducing the Kawaii Ghost Pinata!  My friend's daughter Emi (@hairbyemi__) is an amazingly talented teen entrepreneur! She makes and sells hakus, lei po'os, does hair, and used to have a business making custom pinatas! I teamed up with her to bring you this Kawaii Ghost Pinata DIY.  Custom pinatas are surprisingly easy to make-- you can apply these steps to making a pinata of any shape!

Materials Needed:  Cardboard, tissue paper, scissors, glue, paint, black cardstock, string, tape, Kawaii Ghost Template. 

Skill level: 12yrs+

1.Gather supplies

2. Cut out and tape together the Kawaii Ghost Pinata Template found here.

3. Using the template, cut out two ghost cardboard ghost shapes.

4. Cut out a long rectangular strip roughly 5" wide.  This will be the wall of your pinata and will go around and connect both ghost shapes. 

5. Paint all cardboard pieces white.

6. Once paint has dried, assemble the pinata by rolling / bending the rectangular piece around the edge of one cardboard ghost shape and taping it in place. (you. might need to use more than one rectangular 5" strip depending on the length of your cardboard.)

7.  Take the other ghost piece and tape to the other side. so that the long rectangular piece is acting as a perimeter between the two ghost pieces. 

8. Cut a notch out of your pinata so you have a place to insert the candy.

9. Cut 1 ½ inch strips out of white tissue paper

10. Stack a few strips together, fold into fourths, then cut little notches on the bottom of the tissue paper to create a fringe. 

11. Work from the bottom to the top gluing the fringe around the entire pinata.

12. Use black paper to cut out a face for your pinata, then glue it on.

13. Add your final touches (trim extra fringe and add trimming if you want)

14. Finally add a string to hang it by and you're done!


Special thanks to Emi for creating this DIY Kawaii Ghost Pinata for us!  If you make one please share, we would love to see! 

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