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Meet the Newest Mochi Kids Blog Contributor!

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Hi, friends! My name is Shayla Frandsen, and I’m so excited to contribute to the Mochi Kids blog. When I’m not devouring a good book, I love to write, keep up on Twitter, venture out on long runs, scour the Madewell website for a good sale, constantly rearrange the furniture in my house, and spend too much time at Trader Joe’s. 



I’m writing this as I’m helping my 5-year-old pen a letter to her best friend (trying to spell the word “house” can trip up the best of us) and my 2-year-old naps. His days of glorious, multi-hour afternoon naps are winding down, and I’m already in mourning over it. I’ve got a load of laundry I need to start, a book to finish reading, a couple rooms to sweep, and somewhere in there I’ve got to find the energy to get my kids to clean up the playroom by bedtime.


Any of this sound familiar? Maybe you’re like me, working to stay creatively and professionally fulfilled, teaming up with your partner to keep the house running, and tending to a few kids underfoot who add extra joy and challenge to your days. Or your life could look totally different than mine, with your own unique set of successes and setbacks, and that’s awesome too. 


Whatever your story, one thing I think we can all agree on is how great Mochi Kids is: a mama-owned, mama-designed company with the cutest, softest clothes on the planet. I hope that this blog becomes a place where you can find fun lifestyle tips, take a peek at Mochi’s always-darling clothes, and maybe find some connection along the way. It’s nice to meet you!

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