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Repurposing Your Plastic Easter Eggs

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Easter never lets me down. Fluffy baby animals? The cutest. Your kids in this or this, hunting for eggs in the sunshine? I want to see every photo! Pink and white blossoms after a long, cold winter? Gorgeous! 

One of the best parts of Easter, and spring in general, is the potential for regrowth. Flowers blossoming on bushes that have been bare for six months is one of the best sights in the world. Mochi Kids is all about being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, and with that in mind, what better way to make old things new than by repurposing one of the most beloved Easter trinkets?

In addition to saving and reusing your plastic Easter eggs year after year, there are lots of ways you and your little ones can upcycle them to get the most bang for your bunny...I mean buck ;) Check out the kid-friendly ideas below, and be sure to add any of your own in the comments!




Fill the bottom of the egg with a little bit of dirt, plant a seed, and watch it grow! (Be sure to transfer the little plant to a different spot once it really gets growing. Those roots need some room to stretch!)




A little music maker for your little musician--and easy enough for the two of you to make together! We made ours by filling the egg with a small handful of dried beans and taping two plastic spoons to its sides. Wrap it up in some darling Washi tape!




If you have kids and they're anything like mine, they come home with a small handful of nature finds anytime we go outside. Make a game out of finding treasures that will fit perfectly in a little egg half: a pebble, a baby pinecone, or a handful of flowers are all excellent choices.




Perfect for the child learning their shapes, colors, alphabet, or words, this is a fun way to switch up the studying! Write on the eggs with a permanent marker, stick them in a bag, and quiz your little one by having them fish them out one by one and provide the answer. 




I discovered that most of our Easter eggs have tiny holes in the ends of them. If yours do too, then you’re ready to make a little Easter egg garland! We strung some sewing thread through a needle, and then passed the needle through the hole of each egg. This was another one my kids loved helping me with, and we celebrated after by hanging up the garland in their room.

Happy Easter!

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