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The Antiracist Kids Book Starter List

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It really seems like the world is shifting, right? New York City has seen over 30 straight days of protests demanding racial equality as well as justice for victims of police brutality. Petitions are actually bringing about change, while individuals, businesses, and police officers are facing a reckoning for demonstrating racist behavior and upholding racist institutions. I'm excited for the sea change that seems to be taking place, while also working to increase my antiracist views and awareness of my own privilege as a white person.


I believe that it is the duty of parents to instill in their children a lifelong passion for antiracism and dismantling racist structures. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin, but one place to start is in the books your children are reading and consuming. Here's a starter list of children's books that address antiracism, feature BIPOC main characters, and expand children's' world views.



"Antiracist Baby" is the perfect board book for beginning your child's anti-racist journey. Written by the author of "How to be an Antiracist," it features 9 easy steps & colorful illustrations to help even the littlest children on the path towards anti-racism. 



We love "Julian is a Mermaid" at our house. The storyline is simple and straightforward, and the illustrations could not be more lush or beautiful. This intersectional book about a boy and his abuela will become an instant favorite in your house, too, & maybe inspire a few mermaids of your own.



Inspired by the Oscar-winning short film (which is definitely worth a watch, too) "Hair Love" is the sweet tale of a father helping his daughter with her hair before school. It seriously could not be any cuter.



Another story about a boy and his grandmother, this is another favorite in our house, too (not to mention a major award winner). "Last Stop on Market Street" is a gentle introduction to the beauty found in all different sorts of lived experiences.



This book might be even more fun to read than it is to listen to. Featuring a smart rhyme scheme, funky illustrations, and a completely indomitable little heroine, "Ada Twist, Scientist" is a fun book about keeping at something until you figure it out. 


Lucky for all of us, there's such a huge collection of books out there that will delight your children as well as introduce them to inclusive characters and storylines. Do you have any favorites? If so, let us know in the comments!

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