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The Great Big Kid-Friendly Earth Day Roundup

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As my kids grow, I’ve discovered that one of my great joys is nurturing their interest in the beauty of the Earth. Practicing slow parenting, I make sure that we take frequent walks with no destination in mind other than to stop and explore every single thing we find interesting. Ladybugs, dandelions, baby pinecones: I want my children to find joy in it all, and feel their own sense of urgency to protect Earth’s wonders, both small and large.

Observing Earth Day feels more and more urgent every year. I feel a great responsibility to try and take care of the earth as best as I can for my children and future generation. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed wondering if my small, individual efforts will make much difference in the overall scheme of things, but I know that I have to try. Hopefully these are things that you feel strongly about, too. What we really should be doing is celebrating our Earth every day of the year, not just on Earth Day, and teaching our children to do the same.  

It’s never too early to nurture your child’s love of the Earth and its natural wonders. We’ve rounded up a list of toys, books, and TV shows that will help your little one celebrate Earth Day every single day of the year.


Green Toys


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Battery-less, 100% recycled (the toys are made from old milk jugs!), and packaged in recyclable cardboard, this California-based company is one of the most eco-friendly toy brands you’ll find.




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These stainless steel lunch boxes are minimal in design but BIG on fun. If your kids are like mine, they like to graze when they eat, which means they’ll have a blast with all the different food compartment shapes and sizes. All that AND a product made out of planet-friendly materials? Bon appetit.





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Cheers to saving the planet! Plates, utensils, sippy cups, and more: Re-Play has all the equipment for your child’s dining needs, and in every color of the rainbow!


“Here We Are”


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This darling book, written and illustrated by children’s book superstar Oliver Jeffers, is a favorite in our house. Packed full with witty, warm writing and colorful pictures, this book also manages to educate on the majesty of the eart, and the importance of community and daily ritual. You won’t find a better book.


“Here We Are” on Apple TV+


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Our favorite book just got turned into a movie! With characters voiced by Meryl Streep, Ruth Negga, Jacob Tremblay and more, this short film follows a boy and his parents as he discovers the wonders of the planet. Streaming on Apple TV+, “Here We Are” is available to watch right now (and you can watch the trailer HERE.)


"Bravery" Magazine


                                           (photo via


Every issue of this quarterly print publication is heartfelt and empowering, but for Earth Day, we suggest starting with issue one, about Jane Goodall. Through bright illustrations and fun activities and DIYs, you and your children will learn about the primatologist whose studies of chimpanzees continues to change the world.




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PlanToys uses reclaimed rubber wood to craft a huge variety of gentle, colorful wooden toys for your child. This Thailand-based company takes sustainability, eco-friendliness, and child-development very seriously.


"We Are the Gardeners"


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This book is another beloved read in our house. Joanna Gaines details the successes, the setbacks, and the joys of starting a family garden with her husband and children. Little readers will learn that working hard on new projects isn't always easy, but always worth it.


Tumble Leaf


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I don't think it's possible for my kids (or me!) to love this show more. Every episode is filled with delightful wordplay, gentle interactions, soft music, and a focus on cultivating your children's love of the wonders of the world. Available for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

I hope your Earth Day is filled with moments of thoughtful connection with your children and a renewed promise to care for our earth every day of the year.

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