Lively Cherry & Watermelon Clay Mask by Nahthing Project

Lively Cherry & Watermelon Clay Mask by Nahthing Project


A colorful clay mask for kids and all family!
All-natural colors are blended with the therapeutic clay – banana & mango for yellow, cherry and watermelon for red, green tea for green and black bean for the black, to sooth, cleanse and protect delicate skin.
Include your child in your beauty routine and turn it into fun play. Available in 4 colors, they’re also perfect for face painting with your mask time.
Using 3 types of clays known for their benefits – bentonite, kaolin and montmorillonite, with additional fruit and grains, lovely plant oils such as avocado oil and essential oils. Nahthing Project is committed to staying away from all harmful ingredients for little ones’ precious skin.

75 g / 2.6 oz


See the product information sheet for the full ingredient list


Avoid storing in direct sunlight and heat.


Made in Korea

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