SALE Dots Organic Muslin Swaddle by Modern Burlap



Modern Burlap® continues the tradition of our signature, black and white muslin swaddle blankets with the introduction of our GOTS certified organic cotton muslin swaddles that are both eco-conscious and gentle on baby's skin! Every blanket is pre-washed, breathable, versatile, and ultra soft, becoming even softer with each use and washing.

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Customer Reviews

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Zachary O
Great gift

Purchased this as a gift, very cute. It’s not as soft as other muslin blankets but of course I didn’t open and wash this so it could very well may be. Very cute!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to review this item! It does come feeling quite stiff, but it softens to an incredibly soft muslin after being washed/worn a few times. We have been using this brand of muslin blankets and even bedsheets in our family for years.

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