Number Five Baseball Tee

Number Five Baseball Tee


Hand-screen printed on super soft apparel made in the USA! Designed by Oliva Knudsen

In stock, ships in 3-5 business days.

Machine wash inside out tumble dry low or dry flat to avoid shrinking.

Since each garment is hand printed, some slight variations and imperfections may exist. Size and location of image may vary slightly from garment to garment. 

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-Cotton Poly: 50% cotton / 50% polyester

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rebekka Smith
Perfect Birthday Shirt

We’ve gotten one of these shirts for our son every year, they are so cute. So well made, they hold their shape over the years and are able to be passed down to our daughter. Customer service at Mochi is fantastic, love this brand.

Liza King
go to birthday gift

I find these to be a bit big on most kids I buy them for, but I think they are such a cute birthday gift (for my kids and my friends kids), and I love supporting AAPI small businesses.

Stefanie Bundalo
Another lovely tee!

I buy these shirts every birthday for my boys and will 100% continue to do so. Love the fit and the fabric feel.

Review for Number Five Baseball Tee

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Review for Number Five Baseball Tee

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Made in the Usa

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