Crackling Bath Salts by Nailmatic

Crackling Bath Salts by Nailmatic


Sprinkle our crackling bath salts to summon magic treats during bath time! 

Crackling pink bath salts
Crack, pop, fizzz… Once sprinkled, our crackling bath salts turn the water colorful with amazing aquatic firework effects.

Enriched with vitamin E, sweet almond oil and sunflower to leave kids gently hydrated.
Chamomile extracts ensures a relaxing time for kids, right before going to bed. Convenient, huh?
Yummy berry burst scent.

Swirl to make the effect last a bit longer.
No stain on skin on bathtub.

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  • Smiley Faces

  • Mochi Mural By Amanda Jane Jones

  • MidMod Christmas by Amanda Jane Jones

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A Fun Little Gift

I have this to my nephew as part of a birthday gift. He was so excited to try these once I told him how they worked.

So fun!

My kids had so much fun using these. They enjoyed the sound, but loved the blue water even more. I love the ingredient list and feel like it is safe for them to enjoy

Why Choose Mochi?

Made in the Usa

Our supply chain is made up of small businesses right here in the USA.

Small Batch

To minimize waste and keep our designs nimble

Gender Neutral

Mix-and-matchable pieces you can pass down to a sibling or friend

For Kids + Parents

Kid-friendly designs in parent-pleasing aesthetics