Build Animal Vision Glasses by Koa Koa

Build Animal Vision Glasses by Koa Koa

"This kit will allow you to live an amazing experience: you will slip into the skin of animals to see the world like them! You'll understand that we don't all have the same vision. An original and fun optical game. An amazing experience between science and imagination!

How does it work?
This scientific kit contains a pair of safety glasses. You will have to assemble a box in which you can insert different optical lenses and mirrors to change your field of vision.
You will be able to experiment with the following visions:

🐝 Insect vision (kaleidoscopic)
🐌 Upward vision (eyes above their heads : ie snail)
πŸ¦… Downward vision (eagle)
🐴 Side vision (horses)

What will you learn?
- The role of the brain in vision
- Binocular vision: Why do we have two eyes?
- The difference between prey and predator vision
- How science is inspired by the animal world (biomimicry)

What's inside the kit?
Safety glasses, optical lenses, mirrors, screws, nuts, rubber bands, a brochure with illustrate
Made in France

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