7 in 1 Colored Pencil
7 in 1 Colored Pencil

7 in 1 Colored Pencil

  • It's a rainbow frenzy! These unique rainbow core pencils write, draw and color in 7 colors.
  • So fun and creative - it's different every time. Create amazing works of art and drawings like never before. Amazing for adult coloring books!
  • Write thank you notes and messages - the rainbow colors will brighten everyone's day!
  • Made from cedar wood, these striking pencils are very high quality and comfortable to hold. 
  • Each pencil is the same color combination: red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, and purple.
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    • Smiley Faces

    • Mochi Mural By Amanda Jane Jones

    • MidMod Christmas by Amanda Jane Jones

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    love these pencils! super fun to draw and write w them!

    great motivator

    my 5 year old son does not love working on his writing but he LOVES rainbows! this pencil is so fun! i gave it to him after his first day of school and he was enthusiastically drawing and writing.

    Whitney Chilton
    For Rainbow Enthusiasts

    My 3 year old who loves bright colors immediately began coloring with these. Vibrant and draw well.

    Why Choose Mochi?

    Made in the Usa

    Our supply chain is made up of small businesses right here in the USA.

    Small Batch

    To minimize waste and keep our designs nimble

    Gender Neutral

    Mix-and-matchable pieces you can pass down to a sibling or friend

    For Kids + Parents

    Kid-friendly designs in parent-pleasing aesthetics