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Sustainability & Coverage
Kerri Shaughnessy
Save the planet

I don’t mind paying a bit extra to help offset carbon emissions

So soft!

One of our absolute favorites in our Mochi Kids collection. The quality is wonderful- so soft and cozy and holds up well after numerous washes. It’s perfect for those chilly mornings & evenings, and is definitely one of our go-tos. Fits TTS with room to grow!

SALE MOM Adult Tee
Good quality

I really like the thickness of this tee and I like that the sleeves are longer than typical tees. It's comfortable and holds up well when washed.

Number Eight Tee
Jenny Joo

I love that my son is turning 8, and he still loves all his mochi shirts! Can’t beat the quality of the shirts and just how simple and cute the designs are :)

So cute!

Can’t wait for my kids to open their boo baskets with these fun stickers!

SALE Almond Brown Baby + Kids Sweatpants
Jenny Joo
Stretchy, comfy, good material

Had to repurchase these in different colors because my son loves how soft and stretchy these pants are. The fabric isn’t too thin, and it holds up well in the washing machine too.

Cozy and for a great cause

These shirts are soft and the fabric is on the thinner side! We got them as part of a fundraiser for a local queer Asian owned business :) My chest is about 42” and I’m wearing a size medium on the left.

Beautiful sticker, great finish, high quality

I love this sticker! Since they plan to repaint the whale every few years, I hope they keep producing these stickers with the new designs.

Our favorite pajamas!

We previously bought these Happy Pajama's in the purple color, and I loved how easily these went on my daughter! SO much easier than wrestling with some of her other pajama's! Loved this pink color and so happy I picked this up. Also bought two sizes up so she can wear them for a while!


It’s so great to have this part of my kids collection. I grew up making this because of our lumpia business! This shirt was bought to honor my Lola. Who raised her family on selling lumpia! This shirt means a lot to me.

Super Cute

We are fans of Mochi Kids t-shirts and love this cute, soft and stretch sweatshirt!

Our favorite shirts

My kids love Mochi Kids shirts and the ghost is a favorite that they wear all year long! I keep buying the next size up as they get bigger.

Somehow even better than the T-shirts!

We love our Mochi T-shirts and this was our first sweatshirt purchase. It is the best quality- perfect weight for fall (we live in the PNW) and so soft! Won’t be our last Mochi sweatshirt!

Love this print!


Cutest design for our dim sum loving family! Color of sweater was not what I thought it was- a little more brown than anticipated but still adorable!

Comfy & Cool

These are so good. My almost 2 year old is so so happy to have these on hot summer days. They're comfortable and so fun. I think if I let her she'd just wear them all day.

SALE Kawaii Cheese Tee Baby + Kids + Adult Tee
Mollie Raab
Comfy & Toddler Requested

My almost 2 year old literally asks for this shirt by name - aka the most toddler "cheese" saying every when I ask what they want to wear. It's extremely comfortable and so cute. They love the cheese on it and so do our friends and family members. Seriously these shirts are so good, especially for a go-go-go toddler who just wants to be comfortable.

It’s perfect!

I bought this shirt for my almost 2 year old. He loves it - it’s soft and the graphic is so cute. Wish I ordered one to match!

SALE Playdough DIY Mix by The Dough Project
I Colby
Fun and clean

This dough is a fun, clean and easy activity for kids to play with. There is an extra step required which I wasn’t anticipating- heating/ cooking the dough- which does make it more time consuming than just mixing a mix. That said, the colors are vibrant and the dough is super fun!

So good

I loved this one and especially loved the macaroon texture! Definitely individual sized so get a few if you feel like sharing :)


So delicious! The Rice Krispie texture is chewy and perfect and the miso taste was definitely there but not overpowering. Small but mighty!

So soft and cute!

Love this tee! Really high quality and great colors.

Boba lover

Once again who doesn’t love boba

Love the monochromatic feeling to the color!!!


One of our favorite tee to show case one of favorite food and part of our culture


One of our favorite tee to show another side of our culture