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Soft and cozy!

Got this for my daughter, with the matching shorts. As always, super soft and comfortable. Size runs a little large so she’ll be able to wear for awhile!

Green Shipping Protection
Krista Hermawan
Perfect experience

Delivery came quickly and packaging was perfect, no extra fillers or items that couldn’t be recycled.

Love the design!

Well-made, high quality wooden truck! Love the design! Candylab cars are perfect for my toddler and for adults! This truck fits perfectly in my toddlers hand to push around the house. She loves it!

A Birthday Present

I purchased this for my fiance as a birthday present this year, and it got to us in a safe and more than timely manner. Beautifully colored and finished, the marbles are also wooden, as opposed to glass. Wonderfully pretty noise it makes, like rain. The marbles sometimes do bounce off and away when they're making their way down the tree, even with the gentlest setting-down, but this is to be expected.

Great for kiddos who love vibrant colors!

We love Ooly products, especially the gel crayons because our 3 year old prefers the bright vibrant colors these create. We use it mostly on thick paper and let her go to town on large butcher paper but we’ve even had fun experimenting it on smooth rocks and large flat leaves! Combining nature with mixed media art. We love them! Ooly is our go to for buying and gifting art supplies for young artists.


When I saw this on MochiKids IG, I knew I had to have it (for my kids, obviously 😉) - ages 1.5 & 3.5. And it is beyond amazing! It’s so beautiful and is even better in person. Purchased the larger one and it’s so well made and so much fun to play with. I had thought about getting the popular grimms rainbow but I truly believe this is better!! The two sided colors make it so fun to assemble in different ways and is so beautiful when stacked. Also the asymmetrical sides make it even more special and versatile when playing. This really is the coolest wood rainbow set!

A perfect gift

I got it as a gift for a friend and they love it so much! Would definitely buy again.

Love our Dim Sum tee

We love our dim sum tee, my daughter gets so many compliments on it every time she wears it. We love the soft material and the print has not faded considering how much my daughter wears this tee!

The only shirts my kids want to wear

We love Mochi tees! The designs are cute and the shirts are incredibly soft. They are the only shirts my kids want to wear. Thank you!

So soft and cute!

It’s so soft, and my little dude loves his Earth shirt. Here’s hoping he fits it for a long time!

So soft!

The shirt is so soft!! And I love the sweet drawings. Love the design.


They say a picture says a 1,000 words. Love the fit, cute ideas and pics of all of her shirts.

Cute prints

This is my 3rd order from Mochi Kids and I love all of the prints. My daughter has loved all of her shirts. The shirts are airy and light, perfect for hot weather. She’s a petite 7 and will fit her 8-10 for a while as they run a bit smaller.

Great beginner scooter!

My son is 2.5 years old and has never been into riding trikes, bikes, or other wheeled toys. But when he got his scooter, his eyes just lit up and he immediately knew how to use it. It certainly helped that he picked the color he wanted and the light-up wheels are awesome (love that there are no batteries to worry about). The quality is excellent and will last until he is at least five or six. Now I want an adult-sized one so I can ride with him - I just wish it could have light-up wheels, too!

Beautiful book

This book is absolutely beautiful!

Quality fabric

Very cute shirt made with quality fabric.

Love the Kimchi tee and Love this kimchi sweater too! So perfect! <3


Love daisies and can't wait for my daughter to wear it in the summer!

soft and cute as hell

my 1 year old looks great in this shirt, I love it!

Thoughtful and approachable

A fun read to help you have necessary conversations. (Good for grandparents to read to kids..!)

Love it!

The fabric is soft and comfortable, and the design is very cute. My kid loves this shirt and wants to wear it all the time!

Love the tee/knew I would;such a fan of ananda Jane Jones and loved that it helped out in a little way.fabric is cozy soft ..colors are wonderful

So cute!

Love the yellow baby hat for my 9 month old. It fits great and is so cute, however she does pull it off her head immediately after I put it on haha. I may sew some strings on it to tie it on her.

Very nice!

This card is super adorable! The V printing is very high quality!

Super adorable!

These are beautifully hand painted! My daughter loves playing with them and her Candylab cars together!