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  • Mochi Mural By Amanda Jane Jones

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Customer Reviews

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Just awesome

Marisa M.
Such a sweet Hanukkah tee!!

This is our new favorite Hanukkah shirt! The fabric is so soft and the design is ADORABLE! I'm so glad I sized up so my daughter can wear it again next year! Thank you for designing such a wonderful shirt for this meaningful holiday!

Beantown girl
Great style, selection and sustainable ethic

I discovered Mochi Kids by chance when searching for a particular Korean counting toy. I love Amanda's aesthetic and focus on incorporating sustainability and creativity into her entire business. Ordering and delivery were fast and easy. Happy to support this small business!

Kerri Shaughnessy
Save the planet

I don’t mind paying a bit extra to help offset carbon emissions

Courtney L.
Great to have to have peace of mind in case package goes missing!

My Mochi Kids packages have never gone missing, but I still pay for this to ensure the packages are safe.

Why Choose Mochi?

Made in the Usa

Our supply chain is made up of small businesses right here in the USA.

Small Batch

To minimize waste and keep our designs nimble

Gender Neutral

Mix-and-matchable pieces you can pass down to a sibling or friend

For Kids + Parents

Kid-friendly designs in parent-pleasing aesthetics