Happy Days by Gloplay

Happy Days by Gloplay


Gloplay Glow in the dark stickers

Made in Japan 

Keep the decal surfaces clean to best maintain their original brightness. For best results, stick Gloplay decals in a location where they will be exposed to bright lights when lights are on. *Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only.

Remove decals gently, avoiding any damage to your walls. Choking Hazards not for children 3 and under. Do not put it in your mouth.

Size: 3.8" x 11"

Contents:1 Sheet

Smiley Face x 1
Cloud x 1
Flower x 7
Heart x 1
Peace Sign x 1
Star x 7

Select a gift wrapping option

  • Shapes
  • Smiley Faces
  • Rainbow Grid

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Made in the Usa

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