Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein
Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein
Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein
Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein
Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein

Stapelstein Confetti Single by Stapelstein

Stapelstein® Classic Confetti & Pastel Confetti Singles
Elevate everyday play with the Stapelstein® Original. Sustainably crafted in Germany from eco-friendly foam, our innovative design is durable, strong and also lightweight and water-resistant, making it perfect for open-ended play and child-led learning.

Stack, spin, sit, climb – whichever way your family uses it, the Stapelstein® Original inspires endless adventure.
For more movement , play and fantasy in children's every day life!

Indoors and outdoors
Gender Neutral
For children and adults with or without physical limitations
Ages 1+
1x Stapelstein® Classic Confetti 
Product details
Safe play: No sharp corners; water, saliva, bite and UV resistant.
Stapelstein® Original: 180 g (0.4 lb) light each and loadable up to 180 kg (396 lb), diameter = 27.5cm, height = 12 cm
Can be combined with all Stapelstein® products
Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the products on the screen may differ from the real color.
100 % climate-neutralized production in Germany Production in Chemnitz (DE) Certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001
100% recyclable Material: resource-saving EPP (expanded polypropylene)Possible use
For more movement, play and fantasy in children's everyday life
For indoors and outdoors Gender neutral From the age of one Height-adjustable, dynamic stool
For children and adults with and without physical limitations

Instructions for use
Do not bring sharp objects and surfaces such as scissors, knives, nails, wire,stones, etc. into contact with all Stapelstein® products
Pointed and sharp objects and surfaces can cause permanent damage to theStapelstein® products.
Avoid extreme heat and all possible sources of ignition (flames or sparks).
When playing in the water, products from Stapelstein® only serve as a toy and not as a buoyancy aid.
Products from Stapelstein® should therefore only beused in shallow water under adult supervision.
Be careful when balancing! On slippery floors, jerky movements can cause theStapelstein® elements to slide. A carpet or some kind of yoga mat prevent the elements from sliding.

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  • Mochi Mural By Amanda Jane Jones

  • MidMod Christmas by Amanda Jane Jones

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